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President’s message

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your National President for the coming year and as I walk in the footprints of those wonderful women who have gone before me, I hope that I will live up to the high standards they have set.  I intent to continue the great work started by former Presidents and the National Executive.  A lot of good work is in the pipeline and I will continue to lead the organisation to achieve these goals.

My theme for the year is Respect, Rejoice and Recruit.  Respect in society is a dying concept. Every person, irrespective of their power or strength has the right to be respected. It means treating others with consideration and esteem and having regard for one’s feelings, listening to people and most of all hearing them.  We as Soroptimists do fantastic work, so we should Rejoice in what we do, feel proud for what we have achieved and celebrate that good work at every opportunity by spreading the word which leads me to my last R – Recruit. We need more members to join with us to keep us enthusiastic and vibrant.  So any would be members reading this, contact us, we would love to have you join our wonderful organisation.

I would like to ask Clubs to focus your fundraising on issues relating to women and girls for the next year.  We are Soroptimist and our mission is to empower, enable and educate women and girls to reach their full potential in life.  We should be focusing our energies in reaching that goal. We are women for women and that is the way we should go forward.  We should consider ourselves Optimists – optimistic about the future of women in Society.

We are coming to Christmas and it can be a very stressful time for families and can lead to an increase in Domestic Violence.   So spare a thought or prayer for those whose lives are so effected by this cruel violence – especially young children who witness such unhappiness in the home when it should be a time of joy.

May I wish you, your Club, your families and friends all a joyous Christmas and every Health and Happiness for 2017.

Maria Finnegan
National President

Some images from the 82nd. Federation Conference held in Malta 10th. - 12th. November 2016
Read Sarah's report

Wonderful Soroptimist lunch in Bray today. Minister for Justice and Minister for Health joined us for this event. Minister for Justice spoke about equality and the work we still need to do In our country. Soroptimist National President Sarah reminded us about The International day for the girl and the power of Michelle Obama's speech this week where she said successful men do not put down women.


Soroptimist September 16 meeting

Ask me why I'm a Soroptimist

“ASK ME WHY I’M A SOROPTIMIST” - read Rosalie Byrne Muir's presentation given at the National Association Meeting in Dublin November 2015. >>


Maria Finnegan, National President, ROI

Maria Finnegan
National President

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National Project 2015 – 2017

“Women Sharing Learning”
There are two specific areas:
  • Culture
    Develop networks within the community for all cultures including our own.
  • Technology –
    Empower and enable members to use technology to a greater extent.

Soroptimist Girls' Public Speaking poster

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President Alice Chapman, SI Northern Ireland

President Alice Chapman, SI Northern Ireland attending the National Association meeting in Dublin on Saturday April 9th together with President Sarah McCormack. It was a pleasure meeting you President Alice.

Ann Garvey

President Ann - we certainly can say you showed us what real courage is - you were never afraid to do or say what you believed to be right for our wonderful organisation - you made dreams come true - every happiness to you.

SI Republic of Ireland

Please take time to read a letter written to you and for you, by your Immediate Past President Ann Garvie >>


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We will forward your enquiry to the club nearest to you, who in turn will contact and meet you to inform you about soroptimism; our goals, our work, our meetings, as well as our many social activities.



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