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Dear Members

Where has the time gone - summer events are about to start in the clubs and members are looking forward to a well earned break. Our 50th Annual North South Conference was a wonderful success. 

Members came from all over Ireland, Glasgow and England. Our International President Yvonne came from New Zealand who was thrilled to be involved together with Federation President Margaret. It was a unique occasion to have so many Past Federation, National and Regional Presidents at the conference with 38 clubs represented. President Alice, Northern Ireland Region and I really enjoyed the conference weekend. 

Our guests Peter Cosgrove, Marie Louise O’Donnell, Mary Harney and Mrs Sabina Higgins entertained and challenged us on communicating our messages as soroptimists. 

The Republic of Ireland Soroptimist History Book is now available together with a new Republic of Ireland Soroptimist Badge which all members can purchase.  At the conference we took the opportunity to orange Mullingar to create awareness to encourage the wearing of orange on the 25th day of each month to support violence against women. Let us all start making that difference now. 

I encourage you to take the time to wear orange on the 25th day of each month, read more about the conference, read our history book and be proud to wear our new Soroptimist Badge which entwines the S logo and the Emblem. Wearing our badge is a powerful way to get people asking about our organisation.

Before you take your summer break please plan your trip to the Park Hotel Mullingar to join your sisters in Soroptimists for our Networking and Party Day on Saturday the 3rd September.  Book and secure your places now and SI Mullingar will make it a fun day for you.  

President Sarah.

Some Images from the Joint North South / Conference held in Mullingar, May 2016
(Enlarge photo's)...................
President Sarah's report on the North / South Conference:

Thursday 19th May, the final preparation day for that long awaited 50th Annual North South Conference had arrived.

Sitting at my breakfast table I pondered over the list of jobs to do, scolding myself for not having some of them already done, checking my e-mail, reading the last of the reports for the AGM while taking phone calls and answering e-mails to Soroptimists who are hoping that we can still find place for them at the conference. 

For so long we in SI Mullingar wondered who will come, how many will come, will enough come to make it a success – and now the worry is how can we accommodate everyone, are the registrations right as the numbers are getting higher and higher.   Soroptimists words still ring in my ears “Sarah the Delegates List has to be finalised now, it has to go to print… we have 38 clubs represented”.

Valyrie rings me to say the signs are up with blue and yellow balloons to show soroptimist the right exists to take on the roundabouts, surely no one can get lost.  Josephine rings to say we have another sponsor something else for the goody bags and Mary tells me the early golfers are checking into the hotel.  We are on the count down, one more sleep to go!

Friday morning arrives, it is the long awaited day, the start of the weekend that brings alive all the hard work and planning for over a year. Everyone asks – President Sarah did you sleep – Yes I sure did but not enough hours in that night!. 

The golfers took to the course at 10 a.m. with the golfing committee having everything so well in hand but no control over the weather – it could have been better, much better!   The winners a very well kept secret until the presentation that night at the social dinner.

I take a trip to Bloomfield, all is relatively calm.  While the golfers played away our many exhibitors were busy setting up their stalls and displays to tempt the visiting Soroptimists to spend some money with the local traders. Let’s hope the temptation worked!

I arrive back to Bloomfield (after the hairdressers where my phone never stopped ringing everyone looking for me) at 4 p.m. for the Pre AGM meeting. I pushed open the door to enter the foyer full of Soroptimists. Registration is a buzz, soroptimists are in a queue at the hotel check-in and there are smiling faces and laughter all around. I can hardly believe my eyes as I observe the blue jacket of International President Yvonne Simpson, all the way from New Zealand chatting to Federation President Margaret.

I glance to my left and see Immediate Past Federation President Jenny Vince, Past Federation Presidents Pat Black, Maureen Maguire, Joan Smith all in different groups chatting to many Past National and Regional Presidents and many long standing members.

I pass a smile to my Mullingar Soroptimists working so professionally checking names and handing out registration bags. There is always excitement in getting the registration bag… any surprises… oh yes – good lots of surprises  including “Ask me why I am a Soroptimist Note Pad”  with a specific North South Pen…  a snickers bar, some healthy snacks! One hopes all are happy and that soroptimists give a thankful thought to President Sarah and Mullingar Soroptimists who organised these gifts and packed the very reusable Conference Bags.


Link to North South Conference report

Soroptimists' September 2017 meeting.

1. An inspirational speaker Dr Mahony ... speaking from the heart and reminding us Soroptimists of the importance of continuing our work for all the women in our country - Thank you Rhona.

2. Wonderful young ladies Teresa and Meabh from Mullingar Harp school who entertained us at our Soroptimist National Association meeting - it is girls like you who remind us of the work that we do to ensure that every young girl in the world reaches her potential, is never deterred from doing so with barriers in society,

and never experiences violence in the home or in society. Beautiful music.

3. Monica you are a real gem not just to me but to our Soroptimist Association - you have so much to bring to our future ... We still have a lot more to do before the end of our National President/Secretary team and that we will do!

4. Wonderful PR Officer Irene never misses an opportunity - President Sarah congratulating our long standing member Maura Stapleton on her home county Tipperary great Hurling All Ireland win.

Ask me why I'm a Soroptimist

“ASK ME WHY I’M A SOROPTIMIST” - read Rosalie Byrne Muir's presentation given at the National Association Meeting in Dublin November 2015. >>

Interview with Sheila Bowers

How do I join Soroptimist International Republic of Ireland?
We welcome new members to all our clubs. If you're interested in joining please press "Contact" at the top of the page.

We will forward your enquiry to the club nearest to you, who in turn will contact and meet you to inform you about soroptimism; our goals, our work, our meetings, as well as our many social activities.

Soroptimists inspire action and create opportunities to transform the lives of women and girls through a global network of members and partnerships


President Sarah McCormack

Sarah McCormack
National President

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National Project 2015 – 2017

“Women Sharing Learning”
There are two specific areas:
  • Culture
    Develop networks within the community for all cultures including our own.
  • Technology –
    Empower and enable members to use technology to a greater extent.

Soroptimist Girls' Public Speaking poster

President Alice Chapman, SI Northern Ireland

President Alice Chapman, SI Northern Ireland attending the National Association meeting in Dublin on Saturday April 9th together with President Sarah McCormack. It was a pleasure meeting you President Alice.

Ann Garvey

President Ann - we certainly can say you showed us what real courage is - you were never afraid to do or say what you believed to be right for our wonderful organisation - you made dreams come true - every happiness to you.

SI Republic of Ireland

Please take time to read a letter written to you and for you, by your Immediate Past President Ann Garvie >>



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